"As We Anticipated, It Was Perfect"

a 001In 2013 Sider Bros built our beach home in Crystal Beach.  Our story is somewhat unique as we live in Salt Lake City, Utah, so we could not be “on-site” very often. As a result, we needed someone who we felt comfortable with managing the building of our home, could make decisions in our absence to not slow down the building process, was meticulous to detail and stayed within budget We spent over 18 months researching builders and honestly the minute we met Shawn and saw some of the homes Sider Bros. had completed we knew they would be perfect.  From the start, Shawn worked seamlessly with our architect in Salt Lake City.  He then provided us with a very detailed budget and timeframe for the competition of our home.  On the day they promised to start the project, they did.  Each and every day from dusk to dawn they were at our home working in a timely manner.  Shawn sent pictures weekly and if decisions needed to made (such as picking out flooring, tile, etc.) he always gave us ample time.  We never once felt rushed … he always remained one step ahead in his planning and as a result we never felt stressed at all.  The attention to detail that Shawn and his crew gave to our home was unbelievable.  They treated the building of “our dream home” like their own.  Not only was Shawn meticulous, but each and every person that worked with him shared his philosophy of perfection.  We were only able to visit the building site twice in the 10 months that the home was being built.  We had so much faith in the workman and workmanship that we really felt it was unnecessary to come more than that.  We arrived on June 25th, the day Sider Bros. promised our home would be complete,  to see our beach home ….. and as we anticipated it was perfect. 

-- Sincerely, Jill Lang


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